Blow For Blow Movie

It is difficult to find people who easily today defend this film. It tends to be so pretentious, overly artistic and lack of consistency expected. If you do not connect the film is good, but it is a mistake to say that garbage. Many people are trying to block this as a statement of the 1960's. However, it is not. Antonioni has been awarded to an experienced Director, is, with the new wave scene, because it was almost at the same time. It was initially a success, but it was probably her that as a film. This is the blow for blow movie story of an artist. Photographer Thomas, who has lost all feelings of passion for his work. They hung London fashion takes photos. It is their cruel, models and other women in his life. He seems to be interested in other art, but did not awaken to create your own. It will soon publish a book of photographs, pictures of inspiration of the poor, the sick and the dying. While in the Park, he took a series of shots, that I hope that it will be a nice epilogue to his collection. They are a few games in the Park. However, these images are what they seem not. Antonioni used large overtone. Loading before us, with the possibility that it could have been. Our ideas have the same passion, Thomas. Finally it will probably disappear not that whenever it again. Not as long as the same person, however. The passion for his art and the challenge of reality has changed. The game of the capture of the murderer is not still claim, such as the movements of a photographer or act as a photograph of the artist deep to be sad. Now, it's truly inspired. Today, many people Thomas hate. And for good reason. It is certainly not a good person, but it is one of my favorite anti-hero. There is a scene that not many people can lose. It is short. At the wheel of his car after acceleration of some models, turn the radio on and it began to overshadow his head and fun to make, is the music. It's the scene that gave me at first for me. When alone, you can see that there is still a strip of innocent despite his cruelty. Everything he says that I recommend it only for the most serious Viewer. 10 / 10,. .