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1 - blowjob of a blowjob dick2 ' s kick-Cocain3. Explosion destroys with an explosion4. Hit - air exercise a ' s mouth5. Suddenly a load ' ejaculate s. a. fails or break, work in extreme conditions or abuse: the oven blew during the cold spell. (B) by air or gas be suddenly expelled: blew a tire, when we went to the rocks. a failure or breakage, operating under extreme conditions or misuse: the engine is in the final round. B. cause (a secret spy or operation) are identified and therefore at risk: a story in the press that blew their cover; an agent who was blown by the opposition. B. baseball (much) so fast, that a batter can throw fast enough to win over swing: blew a straight bar cake. Lower, lower or move with short duration: the storm flew quickly. The scandal, which will soon blow. Cucumber decompose to die dam, fail, dan, soft, pause, stop operation or work; Finally, the engine is gone; He died in the car on the road; We handle the bus broke on the way to the city. The coffee maker broke; The motor road in the city. the view was after the incident. throw that you deleted, such as fire, flames or lights; Too large can simultaneously be switched off in the best of cases, fires should be included; Delete flames; It blows away the candles. Kindle, ignite, burn, burn, fire, burn initial explosion or turn on; Marsh gas suddenly; The oily rags spontaneously burned. Languages: Fly by blowing a fuse of a stamp in a stack, breathing fire, those tantrums, hot under the collar, hit the ceiling for losing his temper, see red. Would I to thank TFD for its existence like? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page or visit the fun free content Web main page. Link to this page:. You've heard these things before, but never met until this evening, a man who actually earn notoriety or common bubbles would shoot the brain out of spite, if it turns out that people take you hit on the shoulder of his bloody intentions. The wind helped civic blowing candles in the windows and their dogs; iron chains were stretched in a State of blow by blow urban dictionary siege; the prohibition to use daggers not beat any other change that by street name Cup hangover, relentless street name * this is an evident progress. I Disclaimer all content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information does not complete, currently and should not be used instead of a visit, consultation, or legal advice, or other professional. Parents associations tend to,. .